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Elena Zolotnitsky

Pintora rusa nacida en 1961 en Moscú. Estudió en la Academia de Cine de Moscú,  obteniendo un MFA en 1987.
2015  -  Pryor Fine Art Atlanta, GA
2014  -  "Emotive" Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA  
-  "Urbana"  Group Exhibition, Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
-  SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2012  -  "Seen" Visual Aid presents MONCA. Works by David Park, Nathan Oliveira
Richard Diebenkorn, Mel Ramos, Elena Zolotnitsky, San Francisco, CA
-  "Dennis Campay, Andre Petterson and Elena Zolotnitsky" Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
-  "Sin & Redemption" SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-  "Berkeley Civic Center" in conjunction with KALA, Berkeley, CA
-  "Scapes" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-  "Introductions 2012 CA Realists" ArtZone 461 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-  "Introductions" Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
-  "Painting Only" Pacofoc Art League, Palo Alto, CA
2011  -  "Introductions" Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
2010  -  "Cimmerian Muse: Exploring The Gesters Of The Mind" Nieto Fine Art, San Francisco CA
-  "The Figure Now" Fontbonne University Fine Arts Gallery, St.Lois, MO. Juried by Sofie Jodoin, Alex Kanevsky and Nicholas Uribe
2009  -  "Basic" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008  -  Two Artists Show, Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco, CA
-  Franklin Bowles Gallery
2007  -  Loyola National Works on Paper, Crown Center Gallery Loyola University of Chicago,
-  Juried by Dan Addington, Director of Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago IL
-  Northern National Art Competition, juried by Allan Peterson, Nicolett College, WI
-  Micaela Gallery: "Salon d'Ete 2007", San Francisco, CA
-  Rotunda Gallery, USF School of Law, curated by Saiko Matsumaru. San Francisco, CA
-  Franklin Bowles Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006  -  SFMOMA Artists Gallery: "Finding the Figure", San Francisco, CA
-  Franklin Bowles Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005  -  "Closer": Barbara Anderson Gallery, Berkeley, CA  
-  20th Annual Conservatory Art Classic, juried by Tony Eubanks, Clifton, TX
-  Micaela Gallery: "Salon d'Ete 2005", San Francisco, CA
-  "Dimensions 2005" 40th National Exhibition juried by Phillip Koch, Winston-Salem, NC
-  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Visual Aid at 16, San Francisco, CA
-  San Diego Art Institute: 48th International Exhibition, juried by Derrick C. Cartwright, Director of the San Diego  -  Museum of Art Market Street Gallery: "Erotic Art Show", San Francisco, CA
2004  -  Blue Room Gallery, San Francisco, CA Barbara Anderson Gallery: "Works on Paper", Berkeley, CA
-  ARTWALK at the Embarcadero Center, curated by ArtSpan, San Francisco, CA
2003  -  Catharine Clark Gallery: SPICE Visual Aid Artists, San Francisco, CA
-  San Diego Art Institute: 46th International Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2002  -  Vorpal Gallery: "Beaux & Eros", San Francisco, CA
2001  -  SFMOMA Artists Gallery 4 Artist Show, San Francisco, CA
-  Vorpal Gallery: "The Year 2001- Art Odyssey", San Francisco, CA
1999  -  Museum of American Illustration: SPD Gala Annual, New York, NY
-  Art Expo: Finalists of the Art Calendar Magazine's Competition, New York, NY
-  James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
-  Sloane Gallery, Denver, CO
1997  -  Springfield Art Museum: Watercolor USA Honor Society, 6th Biennial Exhibition
-  "Maryland Artists" Government House, Annapolis, MD
-  Lancaster Museum of Art: "Creating Women", Lancaster, PA
1996  -  Eastern New Mexico University: "Form and Metaphor" Hodson Gallery: "Made in the USA", Hood College, Frederick, MD
1995  -  Regional Mid-Atlantic Watercolor Exhibition, Baltimore, MD 1994 Zenith Gallery, Washington D.C.
1993  -  New York City Public Library: SPD Gala Annual, New York, NY
-  Galerie Francoise, Green Spring, MD 1992 Zimmerly Art Museum: Norton Dodge's Collection of Soviet Art, Rutgers University, NJ
2015  -  Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 28
-  ATLANTAN / Modern Luxury, February 2015, Atlanta GA
-  Milieu Magazine, Atlanta GA
2014     -  The Art Of The Portrait, Journal of the Portrait Society of America, issue # 65, page 11
-  The Studio Work Blog \\ Studio Visit, interview with Elise Morris
2013  -  Architectural Digest July Issue 2012   
-  The Ritz - Carlton Magazine October Issue, page 40
2012   -  Lilith Magazine, Summer Issue, p. 16
-  American Art Collector, May Issue p. 23,85
-  Art & Antiques, May Issue, p. 19
-  Southwest Art Magazine "Art Of The Figure", January Issue
2009  -  Etnosfera Magazine: "Elena Zolotnitsky - Creativity Is A Personal Affair". Interviwe with Yulia Goryacheva, Issue #11 (134), Moscow Russia
2008  -  7x7 San Francisco Magazine: "Watch This Space" by Christine Ryan. November Issue, p.120
2005  -  46th Annual Communication Arts, p.107
2004  -   Green Mountain Review: Cover, Vol. XVII, No. 2
2003  -  Baltimore Magazine: "A Selection of Contemporary Russian Artwork" by John Lewis,
-  February Issue pp. 122-123
2001  -  BOA Editions Limited: Cover for Parphenope by Michael Waters
2000  -  NY Times Book Review Cover: "Thus Spake Beowulf" February 27th
1999  -  BOA Editions Limited: Cover for Dusty Angel by Michael Blumenthal
1997  -  "Painting Composition" Rockport Publishers: Award of Distinction
-  "The Best of Watercolor 2" Rockport Publishers: Award of Distinction
-  Intelligencer Journal "Happenings", March Issue: "Bold or Fractured, Images From Women's Selves" by Jennifer Knopf. Cover Story on "Creating Women", Lancaster Museum of Art, PA
1996  -  Frederick Gazette: "Six Very Good Reasons To See "Made in the USA by Richard
-  Lebhers on the Exhibition of Selected Former Russian Artists
1995  -  The Artist's Magazine: "Rising Watercolor Stars" by Bebe Raupe, October Issue pp. 60-65.
-  An Art Review featuring the top winners from 10 of North America's most prominent Watercolor Societies
1993  -  The Baltimore Sun March 11: "Zolotnitskys Blend Humor and Grimness, Go Figure" by John Dorsey. Art Review on the two-person exhibition at Galerie Francoise, Baltimore, MD
1992  -  The Columbia Flier December 17th: "Two Russians make their points at CAC" by Mark Giuliano on a two-person exhibition at Columbia Arts Center, Washington D.C.
Norton Dodge Collection of Soviet Art at Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ
COCA - COLA CO, Atlanta, GA
Nota: La propiedad intelectual de las imágenes que aparecen en este blog corresponde a sus autores y a quienes éstos las hayan cedido. El único objetivo de este sitio es divulgar el conocimiento de estos pintores, a los que admiro, y que otras personas disfruten contemplando sus obras.

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